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Esseesse wheels warranty

Essaywheels warrants that its rims leave the factory free from defects in material or workmanship and are fit for use on the vehicle for which they were developed.

The guarantee is limitednanny two years from date of purchase.

Proof of original purchase is required for all warranty defects.

The weight of a circle essaywheels painted may vary by 2% from the indicated weight due to the different finishes.
These are not variations a defect and are not covered by this warranty.

This guarantee does not give any obligation for essaywheels place that goes beyond the repair, or replacement of its rims.

Esseessewheels does not offer warranty services other than those described here. Any further type of guarantee is excluded, except where it is not required by law and not already included in the guarantee described here.


crushed stone: Extensive paint peeling is an obvious defect and is covered by the warranty, but isolated paint chips are not, as none are harder than a stone.

Off-road driving:
 on gravel or poor road conditions, such as deep potholes, large rocks or road debris.

Driving with incorrect vehicle attitude: e.g. tire pressure too low, load exceeding the permissible axle load, driving with unbalanced wheels, rubbing caused by incorrectly adjusted chassis, etc.

Unauthorized modification, repair or powder coating of our esseessewheels rims by third parties.

The use of balance weights other than adhesive weights.

Impacts that rims cannot normally handle, such as accidents, curbs, walls, etc.

Vandalism or intentional violence.

Use of aggressive detergents or chemical products which can attack the paint and the material.

Hail, fire, flood or other acts of nature.

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